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Welcome to Sea Vixen. Royal Navy Carrier
Fighter Jet.1959 to 1972.

This site is dedicated to Our Lost Sea Vixen Aircrew and to document the history of the Sea Vixen thus ensuring that this sad story be a reminder to future generations of the sacrifices made on their behalf for their freedom and liberty. Many of these pages are for public viewing. Please feel free to enter and view them. All content seen here has been sourced by Sea Vixen member personal testimonies.

The General Public should address a long since neglected fact that that few people have heard of the Sea Vixen. It served as a front line Carrier Borne Fighter Aircraft with the Royal Navy from 1959/1972. It was a mean looking, noisy machine that filled onlookers with awe. There were 55 Major Accidents involving loss of airframe. Out of these, 30 were fatal and of these 21 were fatal to both operating aircrew. In other words 51 Royal Navy Aircrew were lost in the 12 years of Sea Vixen Operations.

  • 145 Sea Vixens were built. The loss rate was 37.93%. The fatality rate within those losses was 54.54%.
  • The Media today report all names and accidents involving military personnel in prime time viewing.
  • In the 1960's, silence prevailed, media reporting was avoided at all cost and the General Public therefore did not know or therefore had reason to know. Young men in the prime of life, fathers, brothers, sons were lost. This site makes the record clear to all readers.
  • There is a statement to make to the world on behalf of the Lost Airmen's Dependants who were left behind. 
  • The General Public should be aware of these tragedies, and here, We Remember the Names of our Lost Airmen in the Roll of Honour.
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The Webmaster is an ex RN Sea Vixen Pilot and also an ex RN Phantom F4K Pilot.

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