Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

Lt. (P) John "Bovey" Cary R.N.

I cannot give you an all All Weather Fighter (AWF) certificate as I qualified prior to their issue with RAF 175 Night Fighter Course as an All Weather (AW) Pilot May 15th. 1956 at RAF North Luffenam, flying Night Fighter Meteors Mk 12 & 14.

submitted 10th January 2008 - photos/documents yet to come...

  • Joined R.N. as Boy Seaman 2nd. Class 18th. November 1947
  • No 46 R.N Course R.A.F. Syerston September 1954
  • F.A.A. Service 1955/ 1963 Inclusive.
  • Sea Venoms Mk 20,21,23  891 Squadron, Buccaneer Mk.1 801 Squadron. 
  • Formed Sea Vixen 700Y Flight October 1958.  
  • Served in 892 Squadron and 899 Squadron.
  • Resigned from the Royal Navy, November 1963.
  • Emigrated to Australia November 1963.
Sea Vixen Flying Summary
 HoursNightDeck landings
700 Y FLIGHT52.50 Day9.35 Night 48 Deck landings Day
8 Deck Landings Night
40 Catapult Launches Day
5 Catapult Launches Night
892 SQUADRON221.15 Day79.40 Night137 Deck Landings Day
72 Deck Landings Night
116 Catapult Launches Day
59 Catapult Launches Night
899 SQUADRON268.20 Day30.35 Night55 Deck Landing Day
19 Deck landings Night
41 Catapult Launches Day
TOTAL SEA VIXEN HOURS542.25 Day119.50 Night240 Deck landings Day 99
Deck Landings Night
197 Catapult Launches Day
64 Catapult Launches Night
GRAND TOTAL SEA VIXEN:662.15 Hours339 Deck landings261 Catapult launches
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