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Freds Five Display Team

  • Two teams displayed the Sea Vixen.
  • The first was "Freds Five", a Mk1 Sea Vixen Team from 766 Squadron.
  • Fred's Five, my memory is that the Leader was Lt. Cdr. Pete Reynolds RN, who had been a Test Pilot with C squadron at RAE Boscombe Down. When we were doing the early trials of the VIxen. Pete was CO of 766 Sqn in the period mid 61 to early 63 so I suspect Fred's Five performed in 1962 " Lt. Cdr. (O) Bob McCulloch. RN. (April 2007)
  • Airframe Numbers in the photo "In transit" top right, from Top to Bottom. XJ 493, XJ561, XJ482, XJ513 and XJ565 (Nearest).
  • The team displayed at the Farnborough Air Display. The "In Display" photo comes from the official programme of events.
  • Displays were also flown in 1963. Information confirmed from the log book of Lt. Cdr.J.S.Mackonochie RN OBE, a team member.(archive of his son Jim Mackonochie July 2008)

766 Aircrew

archive: Alan Briggs

In Transit. archive: Cdr (AE)L. Mike Phillips RN.

In Display. archive Alan Briggs.

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