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Operational History
Our Mission Statement
Sea Vixen Operational Roles
Different/Unusual Flights
Air to Air Refuelling
Night Glow Worm Attack
Interceptor, High and Low level.
Ground Attack
Sea Vixen Technical Documents
Sea Vixen Mk 1 Flight Reference Cards. (FRC)
Sea Vixen FAW Mk 2 Flight Reference Cards. (FRC's)
Sea Vixen FAW Mk 1 Pilots Notes
Sea Vixen FAW Mk 2. Pilots Notes.
Sea Vixen Display Teams
Freds Five Display Team
"Simons Sircus" Display Team
Sea Vixen Solo Displays
Sea Vixen Escape Systems
Sea Vixen Barrier Engagements
893 Sqn/HMS Ark Royal/10th February 1961
890 Sqn/HMS Ark Royal/6th Sept 1962
892 Sqn/HMS Victorious/Date Not Known
893 Sqn Night Barrier HMS Victorious
899 Sqn Mk 2 Sea Vixen HMS Eagle
Sea Vixen Recovery and Maintenance
Sea Vixen MK 2. XJ 490 in Caloundra, Queensland, Australia.
Lost and Found. 890 Sqn. XJ 607.
XN 648, Crashed 31 May 1965 on Dartmoor.
Contractors Construction and Maintainance Units.
Royal Naval Sea Vixen Maintainance Units
Sea Vixen Target Drone (D3) Era.


Aircrew Careers
Commander. (F). D.M.A.H. "Shorty" Hamilton. R.N.
Lt. (P) John "Bovey" Cary R.N.
Lt Cdr(O) E I H (Ed) Hughes MRIN RN
Lt. (P) Martyn H. Dean RN
Lt. (P) or (O) A. N. Other RN.
Aircrew Testimonies
That of Lt. Cdr.(O) Bob McCulloch RN
That of Cdr.(F) D.M.A.H. "Shorty" Hamilton. RN.
That of Lt. (P) John B. Cary RN.
That of Lt (O) Ed Proctor RN 1958/1966
That of Lt.Cdr.(O) Ed Hughes MIRN. RN. 1962/1991
That of Lt.(O) Mark Jenkins. RN. 1964/1972
Lt. Cdr.(P) John Edward Kelly. RN.
That of Dick Searles (Observer)
That of Lt (O) Bill Hart RN
That of Lt (P) Jonathon Whaley RN. 1965/1973
That of Fg. Off. Rod Shelbourn RAF 1968-1978
That of Lt (O) A.N. Other RN 1960/1968
Maintenance Testimonies
That of PO Electrical(Air) Clive S. Reynolds
That of REM (A) Roger Mills
That of SAR diver Roger Bigdon
That of NAM Geoff Pollard
Family of Lt.(P) N.L. Dudgeon. RN.
One Parents Thoughts.


Accidents Public Page
Accidents Member's Page
892 Squadron Deck Landing Accident.
Heroic Rescue Attempt ends Tragically. ID 41.
Accident. ID 45 Loss of Sea Vixen XJ 588. 4/12/67

Aircraft Carrier

Aircraft Carrier
HMS HERON (RNAS Yeovilton)


Correlation Squadrons/Ships
892 and 893 Sqn's to HMS Ark Royal 1960/1961
890 Sqn to HMS Ark Royal 1961/1963
890 Sqn to HMS Ark Royal 1964/1966
893 Sqn to HMS Centaur 1961 to 1963
892 Sqn to HMS Centaur 1963 to 1965
892 Sqn to HMS Victorious 1960 to 1962
893 Sqn/HMS Victorious/1963 to 1965
893 Sqn/HMS Victorious/1966 to 1967
Beta.890 Sqn to HMS Hermes 1959 to 1961
892 Sqn to HMS Hermes 1962/1964
892 Sqn to HMS Hermes 1966 to 1968
Beta. 893 Sqn to HMS Hermes 1969
899 Sqn to HMS Eagle 1964 to 1966
899 Sqn to HMS Eagle 1966 to 1968
899 Sqn to HMS Eagle 1969 to 1970
899 Sqn to HMS Eagle 1970 to 1972
766 Squadron to RNAS Yeovilton 1960 to 1970
HMS Sea Eagle. (RNAY Belfast)
700Y Squadron
766 Squadron
890 Squadron
892 Squadron
893 Squadron
899 Squadron
"C" Squadron


Image Gallery
890 Squadron. The Second Squadron.
Display Sea Vixen No134 of 899 Sqn
Video Library
Archive of Dick Searles (Observer)
Archive of Brian Johnstone MBE
Video Library
XJ 474 Mk1 Sea Vixen Trials
890 Sqn Mk 1 Sea Vixens. HMS Hermes 1960
890 Sqn Mk 1 Sea Vixens HMS Ark Royal
Mk 1 Sea Vixens on HMS Centaur
RAE Bedford Catapult Procedure
DH 110 Archive. Sonic Boom at Farnborough
Sea Vixen Display Season 2009.
Original Advertisements
EA (Air) David Green.

In Memoriam

Roll of Honour
Honorary Roll of Honour
Our Lost Airmens Biographies
Lt. (P) N.L. Dudgeon RN
Lt. (O) Stuchbury RN
Lt. Cdr.(P) Derek F Fieldhouse


Abbreviations used in Phantom F4K


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