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Correlation 899 Squadron to HMS Eagle 1964 to 1966. 5th Commission.

    After an extensive refit lasting 5 years in Devonport Dockyard under Captain L. D. Empson, HMS Eagle proudly emerged for her 5th Commission as the largest warship of the Royal Navy under the command of Captain J.C.Y. Roxburgh DSO. DSC. RN., on 14th June 1964
  • Extensive changes had been made from her the continuous service between 1952 and 1959. Flight Deck size increased, Powerful steam catapults, 3D (Type 984) radar, 184 Sonar. Ships wheel replaced with a steering joystick. The machinery control room (MCR) could control all Boiler Rooms (4) and Engine Rooms (4). Accommodation improved. Every man had a bunk and air conditioning throughout
  • July, August and September spent in coastal waters for work ups and ORI., the airgroup embarking to and from their parent air stations. 899 was the resident Sea Vixen Mk2 squadron for HMS Eagle under the command of Cdr. Mathews RN., having spent 1962 to 1964 at RNAS Yeovilton as the Headquarters squadron 
  • The ship visited Brest 1st to 3rd October 1964 and Gibraltar 15th to 22nd October 1964, then returned to Devonport.
  • 1st December 1964 sailed from Plymouth for the Far East Station. Embarked the airgroup including 899 Sqn
  • Transit of Mediterranean and through the Suez canal
  • 18th December 1964 first flyex off Aden.
  • 24th December 1964 to 4th January 1965 at Mombasa
  • 13th to 27th January 1965 at Singapore. 899 Sqn disembark to RAF Tengah. Continuation flying and Adex of Singapore
  • 8th to 12th February at Subic bay, Philippines
  • 23rd February to 11th March 1965 at Hong Kong
  • 18th to 25th March major exercise with 3 UK carriers. Ex Fotex 1965
  • 19th March 1965 at Langkawi, West Malaysia
  • 27th March 1965 ex Showpiece and to Tioman Island off East Malaysia
  • 6th to 20th April 1965 at Singapore. 899 Sqn disembark to RAF Changi for continuation flying and Adex of Singapore
  • 30th April to 2nd May 1965 at Aden
  • Transit Suez canal
  • 7th to 10th May 1965 at Beirut
  • 15th to 19th May 1965 at Malta
  • 24th May 1965 arrive at Devonport.
  • One third changeover of personel within 899 Sqn at RNAS Yeovilton. New CO. Lt. Cdr. “Rip” Kirby RN. Squadron Compliment increases to 14 aircraft
  • 24th August 1965 sail from Plymouth for the Far East Station and embark Squadrons including 899 Sqn
  • 8th September 1965. Sea Vixen  lost.  Both crewmen killed. ID 16.
  • 13th to 23rd September at Malta
  • 25th to 30th September fast passage to Aden
  • 13th to 23rd October 1965 at Mombasa
  • 27th October to 1st November 1965 Flyex Aden
  • 12th to 20th November Singapore
  • 20th to 27th November fast passage to X. Twelve fully armed and ready Sea Vixens of 899 Sqn ranged on deck to fly off at a moments notice.
  • 27th November to 1st December Operation X. Area X proved to be off Zambia. RN stepped down from duty when the RAF sent a Squadron of Javelins to Zambia instead of 899 Sqn standing by. (Rhodesia Crisis)
  • 7th to 18th December flyex off Aden
  • 23rd December to 10th January 1966 at Mombasa
  • 16th to 22nd January flyex off Aden
  • 22nd January to 26th January 1966 at Aden
  • 26th January to 2nd February flyex of Aden
  • 11th to 28th February at Singapore
  • 28th February to 15th March 1966 passage to Beira
  • 15th to 31st April Beira Patrol relieving HMS Ark Royal
  • Beira Patrol Statistics: 71 days and 1007 flying sorties. 20,000 square miles surveyed daily
  • 10th to 31st May 1966 at Singapore
  • 4th to 11th June 1966 at Hong Kong
  • 8th July 1966. Sea Vixen Lost. Both crewmen killed.  Accident ID 21.
  • August 1966 Homeward Bound. via the Mediterranean and Gibraltar to Deveonport

HMS Eagle leaves Plymouth 1964. Plymouth Hoe on the Port Side.

Mission X. 899 Sqn Sea Vixens on deck fully ready..

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