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Family Reflections for Lt. (P) N.L. Dudgoen RN. 1930/1961

The following is a family epitaph to "Dudge".

Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth....Put my hand out and touched the face of God!
-- Peter Dudgeon. cousin of Lt. (P) N.L. Dudgeon RN. 1930/1961

Finally included here are the reflections Peter Dudgeons' Father.

Norman Dudgeon 1909/2002 uncle of Lt. (P) N.L. Dudgeon RN. 1930-1961

This verse in his own handwriting was found in his diary after his death.

A silent Prayer, a thought, a Tear. Though absent you are very near.

The family wish this to reflect how much "Dudge" was missed.

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