Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

893 Sqn HMS Hermes. Mk2 Sea Vixens

The Ship turns into wind for flying stations. The Plane Guard helicoptor lifts off with the Splash Target visible behind the ship.

Three Mk 2 Sea Vixens taxi out to the catapult. The keen eye may note the "Hold Back" dangling at the rear of one aircraft. This device held the aircraft against it's power on the catapult. It would separate on the catapult firing.

Catapult crews ready the aircraft for launch. The nose wheel mounts the catapult shuttle as it is readied for firing.

The Crew are ready and the Observers window clearly visilble.

The launch sequence of 3 aircraft in succession.

Catapult crews seen connecting the wire strop under the aircraft while on the catapult. A dangerous job for these crews. The quiet calm before the ship turned into wind would now be a combination of up to 70 kts of wind, wind chill, jet blast, screaming jet noise and slippery decks.

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