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899 Squadron Deck Barrier Engagement.

  • The Barrier was used to recover an aircraft on deck to try and save the aircraft and of course saving the crew ejecting.
  • Evidently it was a very rough, short, abrupt ride with the pull out length shorter than that of the arrester gear.
  • This sequence shows a Sea Vixen Mk2 of 899 Sqn, HMS Eagle being recovered by Barrier. The pilot was Lt. Cdr. Bill Pepe. RN. The Observer was Lt. Greg Aldred R.N. The incident occurred at 1305 local time 10th August 1971. (Personal testimony Greg Aldred August 2013.)

Photo 1: Good touch down on centerline.

Photo 2: The Barrier is engaged

Photo 3: Note the port main wheel hurtling down the deck while the aircraft starts lurching to port.

Photo 4: Barrier Engagement complete with aircraft slewed in final resting position. The port oleo collapsed.

Photo 5: Flight Deck crew closing in for assistance. Note the firemen in full suits on the fork lift.


The following photographs are from the archive of EM(A) John Fisher. (RN 1967/78)

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