Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

893 Squadron

Battle Honour Atlantic 1943

  • The Third Sea Vixen Squadron.
  • Formed September 1960 with The Sea Vixen Mk 1.
  • Equipped with Sea Vixen Mk 1's 1960 to 1965.
  • Equipped with Sea Vixen Mk 2's 1965 to 1970.
  • Embarked HMS. Ark Royal November 1960 with eight aircraft.
  • Embarked HMS.Centaur.1960/1962.
  • Embarked HMS Victorious. August1963 to June 1967.
  • Embarked H.M.S. Hermes 1967.
  • Disbanded (awaiting Information).

From Left to Right the individuals are: John De Winton (Senior. Pilot), Stan Hodgkins (O), Dick Slatter (P), Sandy Sanderson (Senior.Observer), Dennis Brown (O), Ed Proctor (O), Mike Veal (P), Dave Stanley (CO-P), Charles Manning (P), Bill Adams (O), Nev Lockett (P), Ed Beadsmore (O), Steve Parks (P), Dusty Milner (P).
In front, from Left to Right: Dagwood Keys (O), Johnny Spear (O).

893 Squadron taken on October 20, 1961 as we prepared to leave RNAS Yeovilton to embark on HMS Centaur.

Archive of Lt (O) Ed Proctor RN

Squadron Crest, Archive Lt (P) Nev Lockett RN

893 Sqn HMS Centaur July 1962. Archive Lt (P) Nev Lockett RN

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