Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

That of PO Electrical(Air) Clive Reynolds.
regarding the funeral of Lt. Cdr. Mick Fieldhouse RN

As a member of the Yeovilton ceremonial guard at the time of this distinguished officer's demise, I was closely involved in the funeral arrangements.

I was an eighteen year old electrical mechanic(air) belonging to Heron Flight. The station guard committment was a part time activity with all departments providing a small number of junior rates for a fixed period of several weeks.

The guard had several rehearsals for the funeral,where we learned new rifle movements.

On the day, I was detailed to act as a bearer. I had never been to a funeral at that stage of my life and was ill prepared for the emotional effects of being in such close proximity to a bereaved family in their darkest moments.I did manage not to show any outward signs, but it took all the professionalism I could muster."

(declared August 2009)

Mick Fieldhouse left behind a young wife Betty and mother of three daughters.
Jacqueline aged 10 , Sally aged 4 ,and Zoe aged 18 months.

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