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Lt. Cdr. (P) Derek F Fieldhouse RN

Affectionately known as 'Micky" (short for Micky Mouse) to his friends, Lt. Cdr Fieldhouse joined the Navy as a Rating Pilot (Petty Officer Airman). He flew over 200 sorties in the Korean War in Sea Furys with 804 Squadron from HMS Glory. Mentioned in Dispatches for galantry he was awarded the Bronze Oak Leaf clasp on his Korean Medal. He also served during the Suez Crisis flying Seahawks as part of 804 Squadron from HMS Bulwark.

He was a Navy Test Pilot. Test Flying the Gannet, Sea Venom, Sea Vampire, and Sea Hawk. He crossed trained to fly the Hiller, Whirlwind and Dragonfly helicopters, before test flying the Sea Vixen Mk1 with the Naval Test Squadron at Boscombe Down in 1958.

He lost his life in an accident flying a Sea Vixen Mk 1 from 893 Sqn from HMS Centaur on 29th January 1963, leaving behind his widow Betty and three young daughters Jacqueline, Sally and Zoe. This page is dedicated to his memory and produced with the kind permission of his family.

Lt. Cdr. (P) D F Fieldhouse
As aYoung SeaFire Pilot

Sea Venom Deck Landing Trials HMS Albion

RN Deck Landing School PO (A) Fieldhouse's First Ever Desk Landing SeaFire grabs No4 Wire on HMS Implacable


Total : 3500 Flying Hours


Service Record

ATC at Oxford University - Corpus Christi College 
May 1944 - June 1944 HMS Vincent Gosport  
Aug 1944 - March 1945 USNAS Bunker Hill, Indiana, USA - Primary Training Boeing Kadet Stearman N2S-3
March 1945 - May 1945 USNATB Corpus Christi, Texas, USA - Intermediate Training T-6 Texan
July 1945 - Aug 1945   USNATB Corpus Christi, Texas, USA -Advanced Training T-6 Texan
Sept 1947 - Oct 1947 799 sqdn - RNAS Lee-on-Solent T-6 Texan
Oct 1947 - Nov 1947 799 sqdn - RNAS Ford - HMS Peregrine Supermarine Seafire
Nov 1947 - March 1948 No. 6 OFS Course - 766 sqdn - RNAS Lossiemouth Firefly 1
March 1948 I.F. School  - 780 sqdn - RNAS Culdrose Oxford II
April 1948 - May 1948 771 sqdn - RNAS Lee-on-Solent SeaFire 45 Martinet 1
May 1948 - June 1948 767 sqdn - Deck Landing School - RNAS Milltown SeaFire
June 1948 767 sqdn - Deck Landing School - HMS Implacable SeaFire
July 1948 - March 1949 771 sqdn - RNAS Lee-on-Solent SeaFire Martinet 1
Missing   In Progress  



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Defence Medal War Medal
Naval General Service Medal - Near East Clasp United Nations Service Medal for Korea
Korea Medal  - Bronze Oak Leaf Clasp


Log Book

Lt Cdr FieldHouse's Log Book(s) will appear here in PDF format shortly.

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