Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

Royal Naval Sea Vixen Maintainance Units.

  • AHU. (Aircraft Handling Units). Short term care and maintainance for front line aircraft at Royal Naval Air Stations. Replacement Aircraft could be sent to Front Line Squadrons in the event of any losses. Ulilised qualified maintainance personel on 2nd Line (shore) basing.
  • M.A.R.T.S.U. (Mobile Aircraft Repair Transport and Salvage Unit). Recoverd damaged aircraft for repair with N.A.S.U. or the manufacturer.
  • N.A.S.U. (Naval Aircraft Support Unit). Prepared aircraft for Squadron Service. Repared damaged aircraft. Carried out modifications such as A.D.D. (Airflow Detection) and the C.W.S. (Central Warning System)
  • N.A.R.I.U. (Naval Aircraft Radio Installation Unit) Based at RNAS Lee on Solent. Fitted and trialed radio fits.
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