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Sea Vixen Solo Displays

The Sea Vixen Mk 1 was displayed by then Lt. Cdr. D. "Shorty" Hamilton RN.

  • 24/5/60 Barcelona Shop Window
  • 18/7/60 Barcelona Shop Window
  • 17/2/61 Capetown Shop Window
  • 8/4/61 Opening of Paya Lebar New International Airport, Singapore.
  • 5/6/62 UK.Demonstrations
  • 9/6/62 Portland Navy Day
  • 30/6/62 Yeovilton Air Day
  • 4-9/9/62 SBAC Show, Farnborough
  • 25/9/62 Flag Officer (Air) Home Demonstration
  • 31/10/62 Display for 3rd and 4th Sea Lords
  • 1-2/6/63 Portland and Corsham Navy Days
  • 29/6/63 Yeovilton Air Day
  • 11/7/63 Display for the King of Greece

Every day during Farnborough Week we left RNAS Yeovilton and on the approach to Farnborough Tony Pearson [my Senior Pilot] plugged into me. We performed a low approach and low level 360 turn over Farnborough.. While doing this a Photographic Reconnaisance Scimitar flew over us and took pictures. After the Scimitar landed, the pictures were delivered to the Presidents tent within 20 mins. This picture shows some of Farnborough's runway and tarmac in the background. This was 1962. I don't know who did 1961. Tony obviously had the worst job!! Could have been Tony 1961 as he made the remark that I was much easier to follow than ???????
Personal Testimony of Hamilton April 2007

The Sea Vixen Mk 2 was displayed solo

by Lt. Cdr. Peter Sheppard RN.(Awaiting Content)

Spanner in the works.

A contribution from Lt (O) Mark Jenkins.July 2007.

Lt Cdr C P Allen performed a solo aerobatics display for the 1970 Yeovilton Air Day. I do not remember the display or Air Day but I do vividly remember a practice session.

We used to slink off to the east of Yeovilton to practice out of sight of all the critical eyes. When we were inverted in a Derry turn the ailerons froze in a hard left turn position. We were left in a tight orbit, upside down and not very far from the ground, an uncomfortable position to be in. By Herculean efforts on the stick and full starboard rudder and asymmetric power Lt Cdr Allen was able to get us almost right side up, albeit still in a tight orbit but at least able to eject. I thought that by transferring all the fuel from left to right might help to straighten us up. However, the designers of the Sea Vixen, in their wisdom, had given control of the fuel valves to the observer but left the pilot to operate the booster pumps. I had often thought it would be nice to have a telescoping stick with a hook so I could get at them myself and it would have been very handy that day. The Lt Cdr, as well has holding on full rudder was straining with both hands on the stick. When I need booster pumps switched over he had to make a quick lunge across the cockpit and quickly back before the aircraft got away from him. It took several attempts each time. Eventually the extra weight took effect and we were able to just get some starboard bank of a few degrees. After telling Yeoviltion we had "a small problem" we began the most gigantic circuit for the active runway covering the whole of Somerset being the tightest we could do. Thanks to good control from Yeovilton Radar we ended up in a position that Lt Cdr Allen go have a go at landing. He was at this stage extremely tired and was not sure it could be done and knew an overshoot would be to much for him. I was most relieved to feel the aircraft thump onto the runway and enter the PUAG. (Purpose Use Arrester Gear).

When the aircraft was examined it was found that the aileron controls had been jammed by a small spanner. Tool control in the Navy was very strict and no spanners were found missing so it was assumed that it had been in there since manufacture and had been finally dislodged by our violent manoeuvres.

Lt Cdr Allen received a well deserved Green Endorsement for his efforts.

Spanish Newspaper Cutting. Barcelona. June 1960.

SBAC Display at Farnborough.September 1962.

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