Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

893 Squadron to HMS Victorious. 6th and 7th Commission 1963 to 1966.

  • November 1965 ships company formed while in Major refit at Portsmouth Dockyard.
  • 17th March 1966. Sea Vixen Lost. Both Crew Killed. (893 Sqn disembarked at RNAS Yeovilton). ID 18.
  • After 5 more months of refit HMS Victorious was Commissioned on 7th April 1966. Under Command of Captain Davenport RN
  • 12th April 1966, sailed for sea trials,1st and 2nd Workups in Portland, Lyme Bay, Moray Firth and SW Approaches. Intensive flying.  Entered Portmouth 10th June 1966.
  • 8th July 1966 set sail to relieve HMS Eagle as the Operational Strike Carrier east of Suez.
  • 11th July 1966 passed through the Straits of Gibraltar.
  • Entered third and last phase work up in the Med ready for the ORI inspection by FOAC Staff. Exercise Poker Hand with USN Carrier Strike Groups and the Italians.
  • 20th July 1966 entered Grand Harbour, Valetta. Malta.
  • 24th July sailed for Cyprus and Flyex. Anchored off Akrotiri.
  • 28th July 1966 at 0700 set off as number 17 in a convoy of 19 through the Suez Canal for a three day passage through the Red Sea to Aden.
  • 31st July 1966 anchored off Aden. Local Flying for a few days and then set sail for the Far East Station via Gan. Passed within 60 nautical miles of HMS Eagle homeward bound. HMS Victorious now held the far east station.
  • Flyex at Gan.  814 Sqn SAR rescued a Sea Vixen crew that ended up in the sea after overunning the Runway. (from 814 Sqn records).
  • Sailed to the northern end of the Malacca straits for a flyex and exercise with RAAF Butterworth and the 3rd Commando  Brigade at  Penang.
  • 15th August 1966 entered Singapore Berth 8 for SMP.
  • 5th September 1966 sailed from Singapore to Subic Bay Philippines. Flyex in the Singapore areas en route.
  • 100th  Deck Landing on the 7th September 1966.
  • 14th September from Subic for joint exercises with USN Carrier Strike Groups.
  • 23rd September 1966 entered Hong Kong. Hand over of Command from Captain Davenport OBE. RN to Captain I. S. Mcintosh  DSO. MBE. DSC. RN
  • An Interview with Captain Dudley Davenport RN with the BBC's Robin Day. Captain Davenport joined the Royal Navy in 1932 as a Officer Cadet at Dartmouth,(BRNC) and finished his RN career in 1969 as Rear Admiral Dudley Davenport CB, OBE when he was placed on the Retired List .
    After Victorious 1964-66 (as Captain Dudley Davenport RN, OBE) his last posting 1967-69 was Flag Officer Malta and NATO C-in-C Eastern Mediterranean.
    Born in 1919 and died in 1990

  • October  4th 1966 sailed Hong Kong  under command of Captain I. S. Mcintosh DSO. MBE. DSC. RN south past the Philippines to Australia. Onwards through the San Bernadino Straits towards Australia. Large exercise with the USN and RAN for 12 days. Exercise Swordhilt.
  • 27th October entered Sydney for 12 days SMP. Sailed for Fremantle.
  • 25th November 1966 slipped and left Fremantle for Singapore via Cocos (Keeling) Islands, Christmas Island and the Sunda Straits for a DMP and Christmas as Singapore. Several Flyex’s en route.
  • 893 sqn disembarked to RAF Changi (two thirds personel).
  • 4th January 1967 sailed Singapore for Hong Kong. Flyex and enter Hong Kong 16th January 1967.
  • 25th January sailed Hong Kong for Subic Bay. Flyex.
  • 30th January 1967. Sea Vixen Lost at night. Observer Killed. ID 24.
    Short visit to Subic and then sailed to via Flyex NW Borneo and to Singapore.
  • Entered 18th February 1967 for two weeks SMP
  • 3rd March 1967 sailed Singapore for Major exercise with the Far East Fleet in the Malacca Straits returning to Singapore 17th March 1977.
  • Easter Saturday sailed from Singapore to Subic Bay areas for flyex and then to Hong Kong for a short visit  departing for another flyex Subic before a short farewell visit to Singapore and sailing for home on the 4th May 1967.
  • Handed over the Far East Station to HMS Hermes at south end of Suez Canal.
  • Staged through Aden, Suez Canal, Gibraltar and finally entered Portsmouth 0715 on 1st June 1967.
  • End of the last commission.

Proudly Leaving Portsmouth.
Entering Grand Harbour. Malta.
Transit of the Suez canal.
893 Sqn Aircrew List. 8th Commission.
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