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Our Mission Statement.

To dedicate this site to the memory of fine brave young men who lost their lives flying the Sea Vixen aircraft. To gather their names, to remember their young families that they left behind, and to present them here in their Glorious Memory, so that they nor the sadness and suffering of their families ever be forgotten.

I declare as site administrator that no profit or personal gain will ever knowingly occur from any aspect of this site operation.

All statements/photographs submitted will be accurately recorded as copyright in those individuals names.

I will personally monitor the registration pages of this site to ensure confidentiality and privacy.

Declared 20th January 2007


Sea Vixen does not proportion any blame regarding:

Duty of Care

Command Decisions

Government Policy or

Aircrew Error, with regard to any of the accidents incurred.

The intention is to provide an impartial and accurate documentation of the Sea Vixen in order to try and inform the general public and to help all readers and researchers understand why and how 51 Fleet Air Arm Aircrew were lost. All content here is resourced from over 950 members personal testimonies.

The FAA full Roll of Honour rests in St Bartholomews Church, Yeovilton, Somerset, England.

The Fleet Air Arm Museum at RNAS Yeovilton Somerset UK holds the FAA electronic Roll Of Honour

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