Fighter All Weather (FAW) of the Fleet Air Arm.

892 Sqn to HMS Hermes 1966 to 1968

  • After 2 years in refit at Devonport Dockyard ship commissions under the command of Captain T.T. Lewin MVO. DSC. ADC. RN.
  • 16th May 1966 Initial sea trials in English Channel and to Devonport 16th May to 26th June 1966
  • 25th June measured mile off Isle of Arran and to Portland Areas for flying trials. 892 Sqn DLP for first time with their mother ship. Lyme Bay 1st to 4th July 1966
  • Devonport Dockyard 13th to 27th July 1966
  • 892 squadron take part in the Freedom of Gosport mass flypast and the Biggin Hill Air Fair.
  • Portsmouth 28th July to 25th August 1966 and to Gibraltar 21st August to 2nd September 966
  • Portsmouth 9th to 21st September 1966. 892 Sqn take part in the Farnborough Air Shows.
  • 21st September sail and embark Squadrons 22nd September off SW Wales (RNAS Brawdy).
    892 Sqn embarks 10 aircraft under command of Lt. Cdr. J.N.S. Anderdon RN. (CO since November 1965)
  • 24th September to 4th October 1966 1st Workup in Moray Firth Areas
  • 6th to 10th October 1966 visit Hamburg
  • 11th to 20th October 1966 second workup Moray Firth
  • 21st October to 7th November Rosyth Dockyard for SMP
  • 7th to 18th November 1966, Ex Roedean in NW approaches and workup continued off SW Wales then Lyme Bay.
  • 18th November 1966 to 16th January 1967 Portsmouth
  • 16th January 1967 embark Squadrons. 892 Sqn embarks. Flyex in Lyme bay and proceed to Gibraltar for flyex.
    23rd January 1967. Sea Vixen Lost. Pilot Killed.
    Accident ID 22.

    Helicopter crew also lost effecting rescue. (Hit by Ship)
  • Flyex off Malta 26th to 30th January 1967.
    3rd February 1967.Sea Vixen  Lost. Observer killed. Accident ID 23.
  • 6th to 20th February 1967 Gibraltar SMP
  • 23rd February 1967 flyex off Malta and visit Naples 24th to 28th February 1967
  • Sail for Ex Poker Hand IV in Tyrrhenian Sea with USN including USS (CVA) America off Tobruk 1st to 9th March 1967. 892 Sqn achieve non diversion flying 2 over 2 airborne 24 hours and 7 night sorties.
  • 10th March 1967 off Sigonella Sicily and to Malta for flyex
  • 16th to 31st March 1967 Malta and sail for Ex Dawn Clear 31st March to 7th April.
  • 7th to 8th April at Malta, passage to Athens 12th to 18th April and flyex to 1st May 1967 flyex off Cyprus
  • 2nd and 3rd May 1967 transit Suez Canal to Aden
  • 892 Squadron change of command to Lt. Cdr. Simon Idiens. RN.
  • Flyex off Aden 6th to 19th May 1967 and flyex off Gan 23rd to 27th May 1967. Return to Aden 31st May to 10th June 1967. (Not as planned to Singapore). 892 sqn fly border patrols, Photographic missions and conduct mass fly past with aircraft of HMS Victorious  and the RAF.
  • 15th to 16th June flyex off Gan and to Penang for 20th June 1967
  • Enter Singapore after 66 days at sea 22nd June to  17th July for SMP
  • 17th to 31st July flyex off Singapore and Subic Bay then to Hong Kong 31st July to 7th August
  • 7th to 12th August flyex off Subic Bay and to Subic Bay 12th to 14th August
  • 17th to 19th August flyex off Singapore then to flyex off Cocos Islands 22nd to 25th August 1967 then to Fremantle, Western Australia 28th August to 4th September 1967.
  • 4th September passage to UK via Cape of Good Hope. All aircraft on deck were taped up and covered with anti corrosion fluids.
  • On return to RNAS Yeovilton the aircraft were found to be suffering from salt water corrosion. 893 Sqn, 890 Sqn and 766 Sqn lent their aircraft to 892 Sqn for temporary flying duties.
  • Portsmouth 2nd to 31st October 1967. Change of ships command to Captain D.G. Parker DSO. DSC. AFC. RN.
  • Sail 31st October 1967 to Middle East Station via Ascension Island (flyex), Cape of Good Hope, Durban (flyex), Mombasa 1st to 10th December 1967 and to Aden. New senior Pilot of 892 Sqn, Lt. Cdr. T.J. Bolt RN.
  • Ex Liver Paste with HMS Eagle, 892 Sqn achieved 22 sorties per day.
  • Flyex off Salala 14th December 1967
  • Flyex off Masira 16th to 22nd December 1967
  • Christmas 1967 at Aden. Khor El Quwai.

Hermes 1966/1968 Track Chart

HMS Hermes at Plymouth 1966.

HMS Hermes anchored off Gan

892 Sqn nose wheel collapse on a night deck landing

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