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Sea Vixen Display Season 2009.

Display Season 2009. An interview with the Display Pilot. Lt. Cdr. Matt Whitfield. RN. June 18th 2009 at RNAS Yeovilton Air Day.

Click here for the interview with the display pilot 2009.

Submitted by Gary Stringer of Global Aviation Resource.

archive of Andrew Gamble

Video Clip1. Fly Past

A gloomy weather day at RNAS Yeovilton. The clip still captures a mean looking noisy machine.

Video Clip 2. Landing.

A gloomy weather day at RNAS Yeovilton. The clip still captures a mean looking noisy machine.

The Sea Vixen had to land using aerodynamic breaking when shore based as the braking system had little energy absorption. The nose was raised and kept high until tailplane effectiveness was reduced for the nose to drop. Some times booms contacted the runway causing a spectacular sparks display at nightime. A local modification for 766 Sqn (student pilots) was to weld lumps of metal on the boom ends for them to practice and finness the landing run. The idea was not to contact the booms.

  • The only remaining airworthy Sea Vixen Mk2 XP 924 is painted in original 899 Sqn/HMS Eagle colours and markings for the Display Season 2008 onwards.
  • She truly looks a grand tribute to our lost airmen.
  • The Sea Vixen Mk2 is operated by de havilland aviation, owned privately and based at Bournemouth Hurn.
  • She is maintained by an ex RN and RAF maintenance team. Hanger-age, maintenance, care and flying costs are covered by the owners. would be most grateful for any photographs of this aircraft in display. Particularly video clips or footage.

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Seen in Display Colours of 899 Sqn. The Flying Fist.
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