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Video Archive of Brian Johnstone. MBE.

Brian Johnstone joined the RN as a JNAM(AE) age 15 in July 1967 and left as a WOAEA in June 2002.

"CPO Maurice Clark gave me a few slides and a 8mm movie about 30 years ago. He died about 20 years ago(1989) . The movie I had put on VHS and I have since put it on DVD."

Streaming Web Video. Compressed from a 1.5 gig DVD to a 40mb web streaming file. Music: "Danger Zone" and "Mighty Wings"

Beta Version (August 2009) showing Colour Super 8 footage of Launch and Recovery of Mk 2 Sea Vixens. Buccaneer Mk 2's and the Gannet. 1965 HMS Victorious.

It starts with a Sea Vixen Bolter (Missed Landing) Later is clearly shown the wire strop that connects the Sea Vixens to the catapult falling away into the sea after the launch. The fourth Sea Vixen to launch sinks after launch on a day when they are scratching around for wind over the deck. Probably Minimum Launch Speed minus 10 kts equating to a ten foot sink.

Also here is a transit through the Suez Canal. Notice the Fly BOAC VC10 Advertisement.

HMS Eagle is in company with spectacular Mass Fly Pasts of both carriers Air Groups.

Yes. This really did happen.

More to follow.

Brian Johnstone as a young NAM. Pictured here as a plane captain with 892 Sqn Phantom F4K's . HMS Ark Royal.
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